Katy Jordan

Vice President, Integrated Marketing – CDR Fundraising Group


Since joining CDR Fundraising Group in 2009, Katy has worked with half a dozen different nonprofit clients, providing strategic advice in the areas of email marketing, social media, online acquisition, website engagement and multi-channel marketing. Katy is passionate about helping nonprofits further their cause through fundraising and advocacy. She also has experience in the Baltimore, Maryland area with various arts organizations including Baltimore Opera Company, CENTERSTAGE, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and Chesapeake Arts Center.

Katy holds an MBA in Marketing from University of Baltimore and a BA in Music Composition from Lehigh University. She is also a co-founder and marketing director for EMP Collective (www.empcollective.org), a nonprofit, multimedia arts organization located in Baltimore, MD. Katy also composes music and plays viola for the Johns Hopkins Symphony and EMP Collective.

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