Integrating Channels to Spark Hot Monthly Giving Programs
Posted by Eric Overman at Apr 16, 2012 07:01 AM CDT

No doubt, a robust monthly giving program provides many benefits. And when nonprofits are looking for an area in which to focus investments around integrating channels and campaigns, monthly sustainer recruitment is one that can see a big payoff from a well-integrated and multi-channel program.

One great example of a successful, integrated monthly giving program is PETA’s Investigations and Rescue Fund. PETA, founded in 1980, is the largest animal rights group in the world with over 3 million members and supporters. The Investigations and Rescue Fund is one of their key initiatives, with the investigations and rescues leading to some of PETA’s greatest successes and public relations events. And for those that might ask, yes this monthly sustainer program is restricted income. The donors that join know exactly what the money goes toward with this program, and like most donors, they like knowing how their investment is being spent.

Success Factors:

Campaign Results

Multiple Channels: Telephone, Online, Direct Mail, DRTV

PETA’s Investigations and Rescue Fund has both “rolling” telemarketing sustainer recruitment, as well as a one-month online campaign focused solely on recruitment. Both reflect a tightly integrated campaign across multiple channels, offering up the opportunity at the right time and allowing the donor to act via the channel they prefer. It also provides a venue for their most avid supporters to step up immediately and join in the group’s core mission. Building a program around donor preferences and one that engages in the core mission, are crucial for success of sustainer giving programs. And, speaking directly to over 25 monthly cultivation segments helps PETA get the message and details just right.

The above information was authored based on a presentation by Mwosi Swenson (Donordigital) and Steve Kehrli (PETA) that was given at the most recent BRIDGE conference.


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