The "Big Idea" Multi-Channel Integrated Campaign
Posted by Guest Blogger at May 29, 2014 07:00 AM CDT

This article was written by guest author Scott VanderLey, VP of Digital Strategy, Russ Reid.

Are you considering a multi-channel integrated campaign to raise awareness AND revenue in your market? Do you wish you had a compelling platform to help rally a broader audience of supporters to your cause?

The following strategy isn’t purely digital. But it will help you marshal your digital efforts (and all your other marketing efforts) to support your organization in a holistic way. It will help answer the question: What does it take to launch an effective “Big Idea” multi-channel integrated campaign that will actually move the needle in your marketplace?

The most successful integrated campaigns have several things in common. They must:

Strategic approach

The overarching strategy for a truly integrated multi-channel campaign is to create a “surround sound” effect in the marketplace.

To truly succeed, the main campaign idea must communicate a brand’s distinctives to increase awareness, and also communicate an urgent need and call to action required for effective fundraising. Balancing the two – and better yet, delivering an exceptional campaign concept that encompasses both branding objectives AND direct response fundamentals in ways that mutually reinforce each other – separates good campaigns from great ones.

What about the creative?

This is the secret sauce. A successful campaign is built on a very simple and compelling main creative idea, following these guidelines:

So what’s stopping you? Start gearing up for your multi-channel integrated campaign today!

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