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Surround Sound Fundraising: A How-To Webinar
Posted by Brenna Holmes at Mar 26, 2015 07:02 AM CDT

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I first did this “how-to” webinar for 4Good’s “Tech Tuesday” series … but it has! But the concept is still surprising under-used, so please, read on, and click-through and watch the recording to learn all about surround sound fundraising.

As fancy as it sounds, surround sound fundraising (or marketing) is simply a donor/supporter-centric way of creating your campaigns. It is a multitouch, multiphase effort that employs multimedia techniques on multiple devices (smartphones, tablets, newspapers, computers, radio, mailbox, television advertising and more).

Think of the donors first and how they want to interact with your organization. As you know, there is no such thing as a single channel person -- you, me, our donors, no one spends their days in just one channel or place or media. Which means we need to create campaigns that connect with our supporters where they are and in all the places they spend their time.

The growth of the Internet and the expansion of digital communications give nonprofits new ways to reach their donors and supporters. While the old techniques -- direct mail and telemarketing -- still work and generate responses, they alone are no longer the "gold standard" in fundraising. Savvy nonprofits are moving to "surround sound" fundraising.

The webinar goes over these take-aways:

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