Announcing the 2012 IMAB Integrated Marketing Award Winners
Posted by Katy Jordan at Aug 07, 2012 07:00 AM CDT

Today, the Integrated Marketing Advisory Board (IMAB) announced the winners of its first-ever annual Integrated Marketing Awards. The Integrated Marketing Awards recognize nonprofit organizations showing exemplary leadership in the area of integrated marketing.

We awarded three Integrated Marketing Awards, one in each of three categories:

We congratulate this year’s winners, who help to exemplify the sector’s successful use of integrated, multi-channel marketing campaigns or programs. The IMAB is privileged to honor these organizations that are demonstrating best practices in the field of integrated marketing.

Winners by Category:

The Donor
CARE, a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty, won in the category of The Donor for demonstrating how an integrated marketing campaign or program had an impact on donor satisfaction and the donor experience. The organization added coordinated mail and email invitations and follow-ups to extend their annual Donor Conference Call to an audience beyond its traditional direct mail donors. Call attendance was 75% higher than in past years and was split relatively evenly between donors and non-donors.

The Organization
The Ontario SPCA, one of the largest animal welfare organizations in Canada, won in the category of The Organization, demonstrating how an effort across the organization aligned strategy, structure, culture, or skills to impact the organization’s ability to integrate its marketing efforts. The Ontario SPCA developed an integrated marketing strategy to support its province-wide Friends for Life! walk-a-thon event, with the organization’s provincial office working with community branches to build a single event brand and communicate to participants, donors and prospects across all media channels.

The Practice
TVO, Ontario's public education media organization, won in the category of The Practice for sharing its real world case study highlighting best practices in the field of integrated marketing. The organization integrated all aspects of its annual plan -- integrating direct mail, email, web, television, telephone, and face-to-face communication channels with consistent messaging to retain current donors and acquire new ones. The organization saw an increase in quarter-over-quarter income over the previous year, and its integrated approach has been used as a case study in multiple fundraising conferences.

We will be featuring case studies from these organizations in future posts, so stay tuned!

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